From Bombay to Sri Lanka

A journey of food, flavours & culture

In a recent interview with The Indian Express, Karan spotlighted our favourite hotspots to visit in Sri Lanka right now for a kick of culture, good food and flavour…

“As someone who grew up in Bombay, and went on to study in the UK, my only perception, or rather knowledge, of Sri Lanka was limited to a few aspects. I remembered anecdotes from the Ramayana that we had all heard growing up and Sri Lanka’s identity as a competitive cricketing nation with the Dilmah fronted shirts. It was only when I made my first Lankan friends at University in London that I was blown away by this island nation; it was similar to South India (where we spent many of our childhood holidays) but, in many ways, so different.

Once in Sri Lanka, you can’t escape their love for food. The food expresses the country’s rich heritage and is as diverse as its communities. The cuisine also bears a distinct influence from East Asian cuisines , particularly Malaysian and Indonesian. There is so much culture and culinary prowess packed in this small island, and much of it has inspired us at Hoppers.”