Big News

Today, we are so happy to announce that the second Hoppers preschool will open in Akurana, Sri Lanka, on the 5th of June, entirely funded by donations to Feeding The Future, and our third preschool will open in Badulla on the 29th of June. We want to thank everyone who has dined at Hoppers restaurants and supported this cause since 2022. It’s something we all care deeply about, and we’re grateful for everything we’ve accomplished thus far.

But the hard work isn’t over. Hoppers’ goal is to build at least one more school per year while also providing nutritional support to young children across the island, but more work is needed to achieve this. Staring from today, £1 from each item on the Hoppers special boards, £5 from each cookbook purchased at a Hoppers restaurant, and a discretionary £1 from each bill will be donated to Feeding The Future.

Our Progress So Far

Since 2022, Feeding The Future has raised over £292,198, supporting 2,788 children across 49 pre-schools in 17 districts and distributing over 6,227 ration packs. This would not have been possible without the generous donations made.

And in 2024, Hoppers has raised £51,231 so far and delivered 3,775 protein packs to children and their families.

To read more about Feeding The Future or how you can support the project, click below.