From Tamil Aubergine Kari to BBQ Hispi Cabbage, Idli Sambhar, warming Dhal Kari, Hoppers, Dosas and Jackfruit + Mushroom Kothu Roti – it’s all happening across Veganuary at our restaurants and across the isle...

Here's what's on at Hoppers...

In restaurant
*New* vegan feast menu featuring all the vegan goodness – priced at £35 per person at Soho, Marylebone or King’s all month.

*New* vegan feast menu featuring everything from Plantain + Moju cutlets to BBQ Hispi Cabbage, String Hoppers, warming Dhal Kari and Jackfruit + Mushroom Kothu Roti available all month long!

Meal Kits
Cash + Kari - Jackfruit Kothu meal kit - A simple, yet delicious meal that's perfect at any time of day or week. This kit features our vegan Jackfruit Kothu with Vegetable Rolls and Jaffna Mix to start.Menu

Dishpatch – A vegan Sri Lankan String Hoppers feast, centred around a warming breadfruit curry

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