Mother's Day Lamprais

A tradition usually reserved for the ladies of the household, to get together on a Sunday and cook up a Dutch Burgher Lamprais feast to be enjoyed by the entire family after Sunday mass. The fragrant parcel, wrapped in banana leaf, is the loving collaboration of several traditional recipes unique to the Dutch Burgher community in Sri Lanka.

This year, let Mum put her feet up and treat her to a Lamprais feast at Hoppers...

Our take on the traditional rice parcel features a Lampara Chicken Curry, served alongside fragrant spiced Samba rice, Prawn Balachan, Seeni Sambol, Ash Plantain, Brinjal Pahi, Egg and a Fish frikkadel.

Or a vegetarian version featuring all of the above, with vegetable substitutes including Jackfruit Curry, served alongside fragrant spiced Samba rice, veggie Seeni Sambol, Pol Sambol, Ash Plantain, Brinjal Pahi and a Breadfruit frikkadel.

The Lamprais is priced at £20, available on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th March only at Soho, Marylebone & King’s Cross, and for delivery/takeawat from Soho, King’s Cross & our kitchen in Whitechapel.