Dutch Burgher Lamprais

For a limited time only we’re bringing to you the traditional Dutch Burgher inspired ‘rice parcel’ Lamprais!

Every weekend our chefs at Hoppers Kings Cross will be cooking and packing a limited number of traditional Dutch Burgher inspired Lamprais!

The fragrant parcel, wrapped in banana leaf, is the loving collaboration of several traditional recipes unique to the Dutch Burgher community in Sri Lanka.

We will be serving two chilled versions for you to heat at home at your convenience.

A traditional parcel featuring a Lampara Mixed Meat Curry made with Lamb, Pork and Beef, alongside fragrant spiced Samba rice, Prawn Balachan, Seeni Sambol, Ash Plantain, Brinjal Pahi, Egg and a Fish frikkadel. Or a Chicken version featuring all of the above, with a Chicken Curry substituting the Mixed Meat Lampara Curry.

Please note Lamprais is available for pre orders only across London. Order between Monday - Thursday for delivery or pick up on the following Saturday or Sunday – just in time for an epic weekend feast!

Please note - we are unable to cater for specific allergies or dietary requests and all parcels contain shellfish, gluten, eggs and dairy.