Celebrity Masterchef

On episode 11, series 18 of Celebrity Masterchef, airing this Wednesday 23rd August we welcome the contestants into the Hoppers Soho kitchen, and the four remaining celebrities face three more culinary challenges as they battle for a place in the quarter-final.

Split into two pairs, the celebrities are tasked with cooking a crowd-pleasing dish which must be identical in both appearance and flavour. However, only one team member has the basic instructions of how to cook the dish and will have to communicate with their team mate to get the job done.

Next, the four hopefuls need to take on all the lessons they have learned about teamwork and communication, as for the first time in three years, it's out of the frying pan and into the fire of cooking in the Hoppers kitchen for paying customers during a busy lunchtime service.

Their next test is the brand new Food Truck Challenge. The MasterChef Kitchen transforms into a street food market, and the celebrities must cook a dish that they would serve from their own dream food truck. With just one hour to cook and only three quarter-final places up for grabs, the celebrities must show their grit and highlight their style to stay in the competition.

Tune in to watch the action unfold at 9PM on BBC One.